The Estonian mechanical engineering company Apeco is a rapidly developing manufacturer of material handling equipment, whose product portfolio consists primarily of conveyor solutions, belt weighers, conveyor components, and spare parts. We have been helping our clients process, transport, crush, store, and move various materials since 2007. Apeco’s capacity to ensure the reliability of its products enables us to be a reliable partner for all our clients.

15 years of operation
500 completed solutions
100 happy clients

Our products are made unique by our innovative approach and our daring to be different.


Products based on Apeco’s innovative engineering solutions are manufactured from start to finish in Saue, and are increasingly reaching not just the production facilities of clients operating in Estonia, but also abroad. We possess extensive experience in producing equipment for the mining, food, and logistics industries. We offer our clients a convenient complete solution consisting of equipment design, production, installation, and maintenance.
Relying on in-depth knowledge of how to build conveyor technologies, using CAD software, and involving the whole team in the product development process, we continually devise new ways to solve problems. Our commitment to being an innovative company is evidenced by our constant efforts to broaden our range of products based on clients’ needs and by the continued development of our technologies.
Apeco is able to find a fast and effective solution for each client based on their individual needs and preferences.
Our passion to excel at we do is what drives us forward. Our innovative approach and our daring to be different make our products truly unique.

Our mission

We enlive materials.


To become the most esteemed company in the field of materials production and handling equipment by offering modern, sustainable, and best-in-class technologies.


If you have any questions and/or suggestions, feel free to get in touch! Perhaps today will be the beginning of years of successful cooperation.